Singapore Math Heuristics: Draw a Table, Make Suppositions and Use Before-After Concepts

Metacognition is the awareness of how your mind works and the ability to control your thinking process. When students understand and recognise how they learn and are given opportunities to monitor and regulate their thinking during problem-solving, not only do they improve their metacognitive skills but they may also be more successful in solving the problem.

Singapore Math Heuristics: Solve Part of the Problem, Simplify the Problem and Work Backwards

Problem-solving in mathematics helps children develop reasoning and communication skills that are transferrable and important life skills.

Singapore Math Heuristics: Make A Systematic List, Guess And Check, Restate The Problem In Another Way

Children become critical thinkers when they are able to select the best strategy out of multiple methods to solve word problems.

Singapore Math Heuristics: Act It Out, Draw A Diagram, Look For Patterns

In part two of our Singapore Math heuristics series, we focus on 3 heuristics: Act it out, Draw a diagram/model, and Look for pattern(s), with sample word problems and step-by-step worked solutions.

What Are Singapore Math Heuristics?

Ever tried to help your child with math word problems and got stumped? Here is an overview of the 12 problem solving heuristics and Polya's 4-step problem solving process used in Singapore Math.

Mathematics - A Friend For Life

"Math is useless. I don't like Math. Why do I have to learn Math?" As a parent, you are likely to have heard these expressions from your child before. Here are some essential facts to help you explain to your child the importance of Math in everyday life and why an edge in Math today can go a long way in the future.

There's More To Learning Than IQ

A child’s schooling days are the most important in their life, and it is important for them to learn earlier in life that learning is an enjoyable and fruitful lifelong journey. So then, how exactly does a so-called ’positive mindset’ really improve a child performance, and how can a parent help them achieve it?

How To Raise An Intelligent Child

What does it take to raise an intelligent child in today’s society? Learn how early math exposure can benefit your child’s overall development and success in life in our e-book.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Kid’s IQ

As your child begins to show signs of learning, through interactions they experience on a daily basis, you might be mindful as a parent to give them the best learning environment possible. But just what should you do to stimulate your child’s mind?

Besides IQ: Important Qualities Every Child Needs

Studies have shown that IQ results can be a strong predictor of a child's future life outcomes. Besides IQ, research also reveals other factors involved in determining a child’s success later in life. Here are two big qualities that will complement a child’s IQ.

9 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Primary 1 Maths

Starting Primary 1 is one of the major milestones for your child and it can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Although the Primary 1 maths curriculum assumes that children have minimal prior knowledge of maths, knowing these 9 basic maths skills will help your child ease into Primary 1 maths.

4 Things To Do At Home To Enhance Your Child’s IQ

Can we enhance our child’s IQ through a stimulating environment at home? The answer is yes! Research shows it is possible to create a highly conducive environment for cognitive and emotional growth. Here are some ideas on how you can create a stimulating home to boost your child’s IQ.

A Practical Course On Bar Models

The bar model method is one of the key problem solving heuristics that students use to solve word problems in Singapore maths. Bar models help students develop their mathematical thinking, communication, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

5 Strategies To Improve Math Scores, Backed By Research

Seeking ways to help your child perform better in math tests and exams? You may have to bid farewell to the familiar approach of amassing general purpose assessment books and test papers for practice drills, which may do little to cultivate interest or true understanding.

5 Best Kept Maths Secrets Parents Should Know

Do you find it challenging to get your children to learn Maths? Here are some useful secrets to help get them going:

How To Improve Your Child’s IQ

Contrary to popular thinking, developing a child’s IQ is not about getting them to do tons of IQ questions or assessment books. Neither is it about improving their memory. It is the everyday activities of what parents do and you say that matters.

Can IQ Be Improved By Doing Maths?

IQ was initially considered to be genetic and fixed. However, a study at Michigan University revealed that at least one aspect of IQ measure can be improved. The researchers found that fluid intelligence can be improved with specific and targeted training of working memory.

How Early Math Exposure Can Help Your Child Succeed

Math is usually associated with science, technology and engineering. But beyond the numbers, equations and formulas, the skills and critical thinking required to solve math problems help children master other subjects as well.