Seriously Addictive Maths Tampines

S.A.M Is The World's Largest Singapore Maths Enrichment Program For Children Aged 4–12 Years Old With 200+ Centres In 20+ Countries.

Empowering Minds Through Maths

At S.A.M Tampines, we go beyond rote learning in Maths. Our holistic approach focuses on critical thinking, logical reasoning, conceptual understanding and problem-solving heuristics. Our engaging classroom interactions and specially crafted worksheets reinforce these skills, empowering our students to confidently tackle math challenges.

Join us to equip your child with a well-rounded Maths education for a successful future.

Award-Winning Curriculum

S.A.M Tampines offers an award-winning enrichment program based on Singapore Maths. Using a coaching approach, our qualified trainers guide students through a personalized Step-Up process, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Low Trainer-Student Ratio

Low trainer-to-student ratio ensures that each child receives the guidance they need. With small classes, our certified trainers will be able to provide students with teaching approaches that suit them the best, boosting their math capabilities in a conducive learning environment.

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) Approach

Our approach to teaching new Maths concepts is based on the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach which incorporates hands-on activities. This interactive approach makes learning Maths enjoyable and captivating, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts among students.

Parent Testimonials
Yaqyn, Mother of Muadz (Primary 2)

S.A.M Tampines has piqued Muadz’s interest in Maths. He is now more keen and confident in attempting Maths word problems. S.A.M trainers are engaging and patient and it’s really heartening to see Muadz get excited for his lessons every week.

Priya, Mother of Anika (Primary 2)

Anika is studying in an international school and S.A.M Tampines exposes Singapore MOE Maths curriculum to Anika, which gives her an edge over her classmates. She is clear and confident with Maths concepts and the personalised approach and small group size have made Anika fall in love with Maths. It’s her fourth year attending the S.A.M programme and we are very glad to have found S.A.M Tampines.

Linda, Mother of Caleb (Primary 4)

Caleb has been struggling with Maths since Primary 1. His lack of passion for Maths worries me and my husband and I decided to sign him up at S.A.M Tampines. I am grateful to the S.A.M trainers for their dedication and patience, helping Caleb to understand Maths concepts and gradually instill a love of Maths in him. A BIG thank you to S.A.M Tampines!

Jessie, Mother of Tiffany (Secondary 1)

Thank you for putting in all the extra hours with Tiffany preparing for her for PSLE in 2022. Maths is never her strong suit and I appreciate you lending her a helping hand to believe in herself.

Seriously Addictive Maths Tampines
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