Singapore maths adds up for educators around the world

03 Feb 2020 - The irony will not be lost on British educators. In 2019, Singapore commemorated the 200th year since Sir Stamford Raffles arrived on its shores. As the former colony reflected on what it inherited from Britain, schools there have joined more than 50 education systems around the world in adopting Singapore-style mathematics.

Singapore's 15-year-olds rank second globally in reading, maths and science: Study

03 Dec 2019 - Fifteen-year-old students in Singapore ranked second globally in reading, mathematics and science, after China, according to a 2018 international benchmarking study co-ordinated by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Mathematics phobia no more

09 Dec 2018 - 8-year-old twins Daniyal Eijaz Azman and Shiraz Irfan Azman have overcome their phobia of mathematics since they enrolled in Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) enrichment programme two years ago.

Singapore students bag top medals at international science, math, geography competitions

12 Sep 2018 - Singapore students have excelled in a number of international competitions in the past couple of months, winning top accolades in subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and geography.

S'pore pupils No. 2 in global study on reading

23 Jan 2018 - Primary 4 pupils in Singapore have emerged second in an international test that measured how well they can read, out of 58 territories.

Singapore students top OECD global survey in problem solving through teamwork

21 Nov 2017 - Singapore students are world-beaters not just in science, mathematics and reading, but also in the ability to solve problems in teams, according to new findings from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Montreal learning centre focuses on teaching Singapore Math to young students

11 Sep 2017 - Learning math can be challenging for many children, but according to Montreal's Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) president Erminio Zappitelli, it doesn't need to be.

Customising 'Singapore maths' for use in schools abroad

13 June 2017 - The Singapore approach to teaching maths has become so popular that "Singapore maths" has become a familiar phrase with teachers and students in at least 14 countries, even as far as South Africa and Chile.

Singapore maths travelling the globe

13 June 2017 - A team from the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore, set up in 1980 to develop good-quality teaching and learning materials, studies the problem of low numeracy and basic mathematics skills among Singapore pupils.

Singapore maths inspires UK educators

4 Apr 2017 - The Singapore style of teaching mathematics is already being used in thousands of schools across the United States. Now, it is making inroads into British schools as well.

How Singapore's students rose to No. 1

25 Dec 2016 - Education experts point to Singapore's ability to refresh its school curriculum and level up its teachers as key factors behind students consistently topping global rankings since the 1990s.

Singapore students top in maths, science and reading in Pisa international benchmarking test

6 Dec 2016 - One week after scoring top marks in a mathematics and science study, Singapore students aced an even more prestigious international benchmarking test, dubbed the "World Cup for Education"

Singapore students top global achievement test in mathematics and science

29 Nov 2016 - Singapore students are the world's best in mathematics and science, according to a global benchmarking study released on Tuesday (Nov 29).