S.A.M Vietnam

Shophouse TM11, Block D, Florita
NO. 83 Street D1, Tan Hung Ward, District 7
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 819 885 620
Facebook: @seriouslyaddictivemathsvietnam

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Why Choose S.A.M

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is the world’s largest Singapore Math enrichment program with more than 200 centres in 20 countries and counting. Since 2010, multi-award-winning S.A.M has helped children aged 4–12 years old learn, enjoy and excel in math and English, and develop confidence and independence to succeed in school and beyond.

S.A.M Thinking Math program helps children develop math mastery, thinking and problem-solving skills through interest and understanding instead of rote memorisation and drilling, with an emphasis on conceptual learning and explicit teaching of problem-solving heuristics and process.

S.A.E Phonics & English program uses a structured phonics approach and an integrated literacy skills curriculum to help children read fluently and write confidently, with carefully structured modules that teach, consolidate and strengthen literacy skills at increasingly complex standards of English.

Our programs use the two-pillared approach of classroom engagement and worksheet reinforcement with coaching, hands-on activities, guided and independent practice. An individualised learning plan is prescribed to suit each child’s level and pace, because no two children learn alike, with a low teacher to student ratio.

Singapore Math

S.A.M Thinking Math program is based on Singapore Math – a global top-ranking curriculum according to international surveys TIMSS and PISA, with a focus on problem solving and developing intellectual competence in children.

S.A.M Two-Pillared Approach

Classroom Engagement

Emphasizing understanding before procedures, the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach is used to introduce new maths concepts in an engaging and meaningful way. In addition, the Coaching approach is used to help children explore, discover and build confidence towards maths. This is done in an intentionally small class setting of 5-6 children per trainer, where each child work on their own prescribed learning tasks.

Worksheet Reinforcement

Created by a team of former school teachers and textbook publishers, S.A.M worksheets’ tasks are comprehensive, varied and incrementally advanced, so that learning is kept challenging yet achievable, to keep children motivated. Through guided and independent practice, children develop mastery in maths, problem-solving and thinking skills, self-discipline and good study habits.

Success Stories

Mrs Lim, mother of Nigel and Nathan

“I sent my pre-school boys to S.A.M to prepare them for P1. Nigel and Nathan were not rushed to learn big numbers as S.A.M trainers believe that understanding concepts is more important than memorising procedures. My children were taught to their strengths and capabilities as the lesson plans are customized to each child’s needs. Now I do not need to worry about them starting P1; they are very comfortable with number bonds and word problems.”

Mrs Elaine, mother of Charlaine

“Charlaine enjoys the fun lessons at S.A.M and their heuristics lessons have honed her thinking skills. She can analyze and solve word problems and present her answers in a concise manner. I am very impressed that my P2 child can solve tricky math questions without the need to memorize anything. The ability to understand how math works is very valuable and S.A.M has helped her to develop this skill.”

Mrs Kelly, mother of Beverly

“Beverly was good in math in P1 but P2 was a steep learning curve for her because of multiple-step word problems especially model drawings. S.A.M trainers taught her how to analyze word problems systematically, draw the correct models or use other methods to accurately solve word problems. She got perfect scores for her recent math tests and she is in love with math all over again!”

Mrs Winnie, mother of Trey

“Trey used to lose focus easily and was scared of word problems. He was not doing well in math so I sent him to S.A.M hoping to help him improve. S.A.M trainers were patient with him and helped him build a good math foundation. It exceeded my initial expectation – he went from C- in P3 to A+ in P4! More importantly, he has become confident in math. S.A.M is the best decision I’ve made this year!”

Mrs Janice, mother of Jaydon

“Jaydon was struggling with math in P4 and was reluctant to do math problems. S.A.M trainers take the time to help him understand and fully grasp each topic before getting him to attempt questions in increasing levels of difficulty. The dedication and passion of S.A.M trainers are unparalleled. My child has developed confidence and passion for math. It’s now his favourite subject!”