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Singapore Math Heuristics: Draw a Table, Make Suppositions and Use Before-After Concept

Heuristics, in the context of problem-solving, are a set of strategies to help students solve mathematical problems. Although problem-solving is by and large the process of working towards a goal to which a solution may not be immediately present, it is important that problem solvers (or students) are not only aware of what they are […]

Singapore Math Heuristics: Solve Part of the Problem, Simplify the Problem and Work Backwards

Problem-solving in mathematics helps children develop reasoning and communication skills that are transferrable and important life skills. Reasoning is required on three levels when children solve word problems. First, they use reasoning to recognise what information is provided or missing. Then, they use reasoning to figure out what information they need to find. Finally, they […]

Singapore Math Heuristics: Make A Systematic List, Guess And Check, Restate The Problem In Another Way

The skills children pick up in math are indispensable; they can be applied to other academic subjects and to solve real-world problems in their daily lives and future work. The Singapore Math curriculum focuses on problem solving. Through problem solving, children develop thinking skills such as creative thinking and critical thinking. When children analyse math […]

Singapore Math Heuristics: Act It Out, Draw A Diagram, Look For Patterns

In part one of our Singapore Math Heuristics series, we gave an overview of the 12 heuristics in Singapore Primary Math syllabus, with tips from the curriculum team at Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) on how to solve various math word problems using them. To recap, heuristics are methods or strategies students can use to solve complex […]

What are Singapore Math Heuristics?

Ever tried to help your child with primary math homework and got stumped? Today’s math questions can be challenging – even for adults. Math education is changing. While many parents spent time memorising procedures and formulas, today’s students are expected to not only understand and master the concepts, but also to have strong thinking skills […]

Mathematics – A Friend For Life

“Math is useless. I don’t like Math. Why do I have to learn Math?” As a parent, you are likely to have heard these expressions from your child before. Here are some essential facts to help you explain to your child the importance of Math in everyday life and why an edge in Math today […]

There’s More To Learning Than IQ

In the face of a highly competitive academic environment, it is easy for children and parents alike to feel the pressure of performance cloud what could otherwise be a pleasurable learning experience. When a child sits down with a subject, their focus from the word ‘go’ is to excel at it, but the method needed […]

How To Raise An Intelligent Child

How To Raise An Intelligent Child What does it take to raise an intelligent child in today’s society? Learn how early math exposure can benefit your child’s overall development and success in life by downloading the S.A.M e-book: How To Raise An Intelligent Child. Table of contents Why early math matters In a study on 35,000 […]

Easy Ways To Improve Your Kid’s IQ

As your child begins to show signs of learning, through interactions they experience on a daily basis, you might be mindful as a parent to give them the best learning environment possible. But just what should you do to stimulate your child’s mind? Here’s four simple methods you can try to help develop your child’s […]